Book Production

Book production
  • If you want to publish your manuscript, we scan your choice of photographs, suggest captions, and design and lay out the book to your liking. Once you have approved the design and layout, the manuscript is sent to the printer and binder, and your books will arrive in eight to ten weeks. Want to sell your book? We can place it on Amazon and other outlets. We can produce an e-book for the iPad, Kindle and other devices.
  • Book production has the most options, and the most decisions for you. We’ll discuss it in much more detail when the manuscript is complete, but for now here’s a typical checklist of things to consider:
    • What does your book resemble? Is it leather-bound and slip-cased, hard-cover with linen binding, hard-bound with a nice picture on the dust cover, paperback, or an e-book? Maybe you need a variety of books for different audiences or budgets.
    • What’s the orientation? Is it portrait (standard book orientation), or landscape (pages are wider than they are long)?
    • How many photographs will the book contain?
    • Will the photos be in color or black and white?
    • Will your book be a traditional hard-cover book size, a smaller paperback size, a coffee-table book, or something else?
    • How many copies do you need? A few for your and family members? More copies to share with others?
    • I’ll offer samples to choose from and offer price comparisons based on your preferences once the manuscript is complete. We can’t do it earlier because the number of pages and photos in your book are a part of the pricing.

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